[E266] Sales Rebellion, with Dale Dupree (Part 1)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E266] Sales Rebellion, with Dale Dupree (Part 1)

It is common knowledge in the sales world right now that the only thing to win in sales is you should use manipulation, tricks, and hard sale techniques and strategies. But should you really? The art of psychological sales techniques can lead you down the road of deception. There are already too many salespeople willing to tell you what they think you want to hear to make the sale. Don’t turn into one of them.

The number one thing you should focus on becoming a better salesperson is AUTHENTICITY. Prospects can instinctively notice when a salesperson says one thing but means something else. It’s more than just fulfillment that you are getting from selling a product. It is the fulfillment of being who you truly are and want to be, to begin with. Don’t contort yourself to make a sale. Instead, tap into your true strengths, be vulnerable to communicate in the most effective way with the prospect in front of you.

In this episode, Dale Dupree founder of The Sales Rebellion inspires you to rise up against the status quo of the sales world and help people sell in a different way by being their authentic selves and rebel against those who told them to conform or controlled their sales walk.

Learn how to change your sales game and embrace your authentic self as we dig deep about sales and your calling. Hear more about the sales battles that most people are fighting and learn to change the game in the ever-so-boring sales bullpen.

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