[E270] From Vacuums to IT sales, with Grandpa Stork (Part 2)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E270] From Vacuums to IT sales, with Grandpa Stork (Part 2)

What matters most during the sales process? How can you go beyond approaching and presenting to create long term relationships with your clients?

Salespeople have to keep a professional image as they approach their clients, however, that is not what maintains their strategy to close sales. Reaching to prospects during the sales process is not just demonstrating products or services to them. It requires understanding and being attentive to your clients.

In this episode, Grandpa Stork shares the importance of developing relationships, forming connections, and listening to clients during the sales process.

Learn how to build relationships as a salesperson by having a transparent and authentic connection with clients, conquering your fear of failing, and finding ways to go beyond having valuable conversations.

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