[E271] Tales of a new CRO, with Darryl Praill (Part 1)

You are currently viewing [E271] Tales of a new CRO, with Darryl Praill (Part 1)
Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E271] Tales of a new CRO, with Darryl Praill (Part 1)

Is your marketing team held accountable for the number of sales? Moreover, is your sales team targeting all the possible leads to close a sale? 

When given a list of leads, salespeople tend to select prospects that they find will close sales. It is crucial to take account of all leads to ensure that you are driving maximum revenue. Tracking how much revenue is driven can lead back to the sales team to discover space for improvements. 

In this episode, Darryl the Chief Revenue Officer and I discuss the importance of company structure, driving leads, and having the right salespeople on the team. 

Learn how to use the strategies and techniques as a salesperson to gain revenue. Hear about the encounters within a sales team and the ways to hold them responsible for reaching their leads.

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