[E274] Tales of a new CRO, with Darryl Praill (Part 4)

You are currently viewing [E274] Tales of a new CRO, with Darryl Praill (Part 4)
Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E274] Tales of a new CRO, with Darryl Praill (Part 4)

Do you hold your team accountable based on company values? The behavior of your sales team is determined by your company’s mission and values. 

Aligning with teams in different apartments creates a seamless and effective approach to your business. This is where understanding the vision and goals to improve productivity is by contributing their strengths to tie results together. 

Technology plays an important role in today’s businesses. Taking the ability to analyze and track data can direct your business to additional strategies, but also help to further your process on current and future trends on how a salesperson is performing. 

Learn about what it takes to ensure that your company has a clear set of values for your team to make the right decisions, achieve company goals, and define your brand character.

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