[E281] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 1)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
[E281] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 1)

When we think about a collaboration mindset, we probably think about teams. If teams are not on the same page – the time, money, and effort spent will all be wasted. Seriously, who can afford that? Collaborating may not be a natural thing for some individuals. But how can we restructure our approach and see success from it?

Collaboration is more than just seeing things eye to eye. Collaboration is working together. In the revenue operations pipeline, it is about bridging the gap and abolishing the divide between sales, marketing, customer service retention, revenue operations, and all other functions under the umbrella. It means working on the same goals and overlapping of responsibilities. It means working for each other, not to get ahead of the other. 

In this podcast, Christine Bottagaro shares her experience on how a collaborative environment has driven her, her team, and their business to succeed. She also shares how understanding the business inside out has made her look at every function holistically which is critical in collaboration.

Once you listen, understand, and walk through those other disciplines, you will have empathy for what the challenges others face. You can navigate a pathway to better understand and know how to piece things together to drive teamwork and collaboration. Teamwork does not come naturally to everyone. But rethinking your approach and learning what it takes to develop a collaborative team are the keys to building effective teams.

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