[E283] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 3)

[E283] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 3)
Christine Bottagaro

[E283] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 3)
The Sales Experience Podcast

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You can’t just dust off an old compensation plan. To boost productivity, you have to speed up on modern trends and align your comp plan to what you want your salespeople to achieve.

Start with what you want to achieve. And make sure your comp plan recognizes that. You want to make sure that you’re rewarding the behavior that the organization wants. It can get complex if you have cross product. And that’s where you want to make sure if it’s a team effort that the team is rewarded when the team succeeds.

Be intentional and proactive. Here’s the comp plan – here’s how you will win – here’s what we want you to focus on. It’s not hand holding. But it’s partnering. It’s collaboration.

It is about putting value on their performance and concrete contribution.

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