[E284] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 4)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E284] Leading As A CRO, with Christine Bottagaro (Part 4)

How much information should you put on your web form? Do you want to put a little bit of information so you can get a lot of leads unfiltered, or you want a lot of information so that it is very narrow, with very few responses but higher intent?

The strategy behind that is understanding the value that you’re providing with the asset that you’re giving access to, and then gate accordingly. The more form fields you have, the fewer the responses.

It is quality more than quantity. It all goes back to what you want to achieve. It also comes down to how well you know the people that you want to be talking to and the group that you’re solving problems for. 

Over time you will realize the kind of group that you’re actually targeting. Then you can trim out everything else and go specific over time, because you now know what you want to do.

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