[E286] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 1)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E286] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 1)

How should businesses respond from a marketing perspective during this pandemic? In the midst of this crisis, there are still opportunities for businesses to maximize their digital presence during the lull, allowing the business to hit the ground when the situation starts to stabilize.

Let’s face it. In this dire moment, maintaining cash flow is difficult. And you might be cautious about spending the outbreak. But if you want your business to come out of this in good shape, now’s the time to start playing the long game. Staying visible to your target market during and after the crisis can help your brand stay fresh in the minds of consumers. And there are different long term strategies to utilize. One strategy is Search Engine Optimization.

In this episode, Sam Dunning, Sales Director & Co-Owner of Web Choice shares how brand positioning through SEO helps their client maximize their digital footprint and easily see a return on investment through marketing strategies.

Learn how to switch gears and transforming the loss into a potential gain through updating the company website, upgrading content marketing, brand positioning through SEO, and improving social media engagement. Play the long game and come out stronger.

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