[E287] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 2)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E287] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 2)

There’s no such thing as born salesperson. A great salesperson makes it look easy but it has taken them time to hone their skills and they are constantly seeking out to learn to better help their prospects.

The top sale performers are the ones always seeking to learn and grow. They always want new information. They also recognize that sales is a process. They understand that every business has its own playbook for a reason. It doesn’t matter what process you follow. The most important thing is you’re not just winging it. You’ve got something that you can follow that’s consistent and repeatable.

Along these lines, for sales people who aspire for more and know they’re struggling, you can learn a lot about excelling in sales by listening to the best teammates alongside you. Shadow them. Take some time each day to listen to how your best teammates conduct successful sales calls.

You can pick up phrases, opening, and closing strategies, techniques on building rapport and apply them so that you can personalize your own calls.

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