[E289] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 4)

You are currently viewing [E289] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 4)
Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E289] Business Growth Evangelism, with Sam Dunning (Part 4)

In digital marketing, businesses are truly struggling with this question – should we be who our audiences want us to be? Or should we be who we truly are and find the right audiences for us?

Authenticity is not only being sincere and honest. It’s about being reliable, dependable, and true to what you say you will do coupled with your intentional actions. And it starts with self-awareness which takes reflection.

Let’s face it, every company, is in the business of making money. You can stay authentic by selling a service that you genuinely believe in and that you feel generally works, and genuinely helps people. If you have this set of compelling mission for your organization, you will the fuel for an authentic presence in marketing. If your sales & marketing reflects that mission you are authentic.

You’re also authentic if you listen to your audiences, if you seek their opinions and are accepting and willing to improve for the better.  As long as it doesn’t stand against who you truly are as an organization, you can do this and be authentic.

If you want to connect with Sam and get to know more of him & his team and learn about their services, you can head over to his website and social media platforms: LinkedIn | Website | Podcast | YouTube

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