[E297] Honest to Greatness, with Peter Kozodoy (Part 2)

You are currently viewing [E297] Honest to Greatness, with Peter Kozodoy (Part 2)
Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E297] Honest to Greatness, with Peter Kozodoy (Part 2)

People believe that being fully honest somehow directs us to lose in some aspects of our lives, especially in business. The truth is, not being fully honest only blocks your real energy, your true power and influence. Real honesty lets energy flow into one’s work. 

Honesty should not only be displayed in workplace or businesses. It is more than how we sell & how we market. It speaks more about our leadership, building teams together, creating cultures, and what we put in the society as human beings. It is about how we communicate with each other to build trust and relate with people.

As we progress in life, we often seek to know our own truths and what we are truly made of. The best approach to discovery is to weed out the unnecessary baggage you have in life. Change your language. Learn to actively listen from others, even if it’s a painful truth about you. Let go of the ego that is keeping you from expanding and only bringing truth to the table.

Whenever you move from just telling the truth to both telling and really meaning what you say, life immediately responds to that change. By moving toward true honesty, one can create the life responses and breakthroughs to success that one is seeking, even in your own businesses.

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