[E299] Honest to Greatness, with Peter Kozodoy (Part 4)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E299] Honest to Greatness, with Peter Kozodoy (Part 4)

Despite the less glamorous aspects of running your own business, the liberating feeling of having that autonomy and being able to make our own decisions are definitely worth it. And that’s one of the defining factors of success. It is having the creative freedom to run our business with our own ideas, rather than being limited by someone else’s vision or rules.

You are now your own boss. And by definition gives you the right to your own successes and failures. Whether it is a victory or challenge, the ups and downs that you’ll experience in setting up, running, and growing your own business. 

Despite all these, running your own business is the absolute best way to get the freedom and flexibility that many of us long for. The pull towards freedom is innate in all of us as human beings. It also automatically creates this sense of purpose as you continually push yourself and set ambitious goals.

To experience that freedom and success, you’ll need to set up your business the right way, from an ambitious vision and business model to the day of how you run your business.

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