[E388] Improving Retention from an HR Expert, with Eric Stewart

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Authentic Persuasion Show
[E388] Improving Retention from an HR Expert, with Eric Stewart

Are you facing high turnover in your company? When it comes to addressing turnover concerns, what is your first step to employee retention issue? Do you hire candidates based on their skills or attitude? Have you seen any commonality on the reasons why your employees leave?

There are so many reasons why employees leave a company and most of them are avoidable. Let’s face it, employee turnover is costly, and it’s a problem in organizations all across the world, especially in sales where landing with an employee who authentically believes and sticks to your company’s mission and vision is very rare. You may already be working to improve retention, but the effectiveness of your solutions depends if you have stemmed the flow at the source by solving the problems at their roots.

In this episode, Eric, HR Executive with over 20+ years in the Hospitality & Cruise Industry shares the most important steps you can take toward improving employee retention, how effective retention strategies often begin during the employee recruitment process, and the importance of employee feedback and some things you might want to consider on exit interview that you can take and maybe translate it back into your business before you lose any more people.

Learn how to determine where your retention problems actually are and find out how you’re going to measure the impact of your solutions. Once you’ve determined your problem areas, it’s time to get to work. Retention issues, most of the time, are connected, and solving one can help you solve others.

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