[E404] Training Session – 03 – Know Fear & WHY

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E404] Training Session - 03 - Know Fear & WHY

What are your personal fears and how do you deal with them? How well can you recognize these feelings in yourself?

Fear is something you can’t get rid of. Fear is always present; it is a part of us. The idea is to recognize your fear, experience it, then go ahead and do it anyway. We’ve all arrived at this point because we’ve figured out how to survive and grow.

In this episode, I talk about knowing your fear and conquering it. Because it is impossible to be fearless, I will help you in recognizing and facing your fears so that you can sell with Authentic Persuasion.

Learn more as I help you realize and feel empowered as you create your sales career and become a sales professional.

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