[E414] What If You Don’t Close A Deal?

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E414] What If You Don't Close A Deal?

What if you don’t close a deal? What happens when you have a sales conversation with someone, and then you have to do some follow-up?

In most sales environments, rarely ever is it a hundred percent, one-call close. People sometimes need to check in with someone else because they don’t feel safe and are relying on a lifeline. That basically says they don’t trust you.

In this episode of my Training Session, I talk about Following-up, which is also a part of what I have built called the Authentic Persuasion Pathway.

Learn more about being effective in following up, having the right mentality when doing it, and becoming that Authentic Persuader in the world of sales.

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