[E420] Training Session – 17 – Kicking Off Your New Year

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E420] Training Session - 17 - Kicking Off Your New Year

How do you make the shift from being a salesperson to a sales professional? Are you always evaluating yourself and looking for ways to improve?

Remember that everything in life is sales. If you want your children to do something, you’ll need to use some level of persuasion, leadership, and trust to convince them to agree. This is a fundamental point that is true.

In this episode of my Training Session, I talk about the last 16 sessions that I had in the last year. I also talked about assessing yourself and becoming eager to set goals and make plans to be more effective.

Learn more about how you can make yourself into a sales professional, success traits that you need to practice, setting goals, and become that Authentic Persuader out there.

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