[E30] Script Week: FAQs About Sales Scripts

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Authentic Persuasion Show
[E30] Script Week: FAQs About Sales Scripts

How do I make it sound like I am not reading the script?

What do I do if the prospect keeps throwing me off the script?

How do I handle questions and still back on script?

What if I don’t think the script they gave me is good?

What if I don’t have a script?

In this episode, I answer these questions, which come from years of working with salespeople on the value and use of scripting.

Episode 30 – Transcript (ish)

On this episode I am going to answer some of the frequently asked questions I get about sales scripts.

Welcome to episode 30 of The Sales Experience Podcast. This is the last installment of Script Week. In thinking about a good way to wrap up this week I was recalling the types of questions I have received over the years, from companies as well as from reps. So I wanted to do something a little different and go through some questions and answer them in the best way I can, while keeping in mind my answers will be as high level and general as I can go. For more specific answers relative to selling your product or service, go to my website – cutterconsultinggroup.com and let’s set up a time to talk.

Questions I cover:

‘How can I make it not sound like I am reading a script?’

‘What do I do when the person asks me a question and I have to go off-script?’

‘I am trying to go through my script and process and the prospect keeps asking me questions and throwing me off. How do I stay on track?’

‘What if I don’t think the script is very good?’

‘What should I do if I do not have a script?’

Well that’s it for another episode of The Sales Experience Podcast. Make sure to subscribe, rate, comment, and share. My mission is to make a positive shift in the landscape of selling processionals, both for the sales people in the business and for the prospects. Your support in sharing the episodes you find the most valuable will help me achieve that mission.

And until next time, always remember that everything in life is sales and people will remember the experience you gave them.

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