[E27] Script Week: More Reasons You Need A Sales Script

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[E27] Script Week: More Reasons You Need A Sales Script

As I was planning and recording the previous episode, I kept thinking of more reasons you need a sales script.

This episode continues that conversation with two more reasons a sales script is critical to a successful sales career.

And yes…I know most sales people do not like scripts.

But they are important, whether you are new reading the word for word script or a veteran salesperson who has it all memorized.

Check out this episode to find out more of my thoughts on sales scripts.

Links From The Episode:

Alison Levine – Check out her speaking and her book On The Edge

Episode 27 – Transcript

Welcome to Episode 27 of The Sales Experience Podcast. My name is Jason Cutter and this is the second episode of scripting week. If there was one dirty word within the selling culture it is the word ‘script’. I always said that it is a dirty word in the sales profession, but true sales professionals actually believe in and appreciate the power of scripting for how it helps them achieve more consistently. If you shutter at the thought of using a script, or have ever got mad at a manager for wanting you to use one, then this week is for you. My goal would be to shift your paradigm in order to achieve more in your sales career.

Alright, the last episode I talked a bit about why you need a sales script. But as I got towards the end I kept thinking of more reasons, so in keeping to my goal of 10ish minute episodes, this is part 2 of why you need a sales script. I already covered how the sales script is your map – your guide, to help you get the prospect over the mountains and through the woods to get to the finish line. If you are new it is super important in my opinion to have a script that you can follow, even one that is word for word.

Last week I was at a compliance conference and during the inspirational session, Alison Levine was on stage sharing her story leading the first all-female team of climbers up Mt. Everest, and how she did it a 2nd time as well. One thing she talked about was how the journey got so rough at times that she was taking one step, having to breath 5-10 times before taking another step forward, with 3600 feet left to climb. She had the map but she had to break it down to one step – one foot in front of the other. A word for word sales script is the same thing. When you are new you cannot even fathom what you will say and how you will get to the end..in the same way, Alison talked about not trying to have all her steps in her head to get to the top – but just one at a time.

Another reason to use a sales script is consistency. It is so important you do the same thing over and over again. There is a saying, Practice Makes Perfect. Which is wrong. You practice something in the wrong way, you will master how to do it the wrong way. Yes, it will be perfect…in the wrong way. The better phrase is, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. Practice it in the right way, then you will learn how to do it the right way.

When you use a sales script over and over again, the same way each time, then it will become second nature. That is why I don’t feel veteran reps need to use a script – because like that actor on Broadway, they have practiced the script, gone through it so many times, and then performed with it live over and over again. But…the script is important to use to get to that consistent part.

And why is consistency important? Because if you are having sales conversations that are different each time, and in one interaction you close the sale and in another, you do not, how will you know why…or why not? Yes, it’s a conversation and it will weave in and out of the script. Prospects will throw all kind of curveballs at you. That’s sales.

But when you bring them back to your process, your script should be there to guide you. If not.. and you are just bouncing around the whole time in the conversation, and you don’t get the sale then there is no telling what exactly happened.

Its like baking. If you do not use a recipe and make a cake today and it didn’t work, you might not know why it didn’t work. Maybe too much butter, maybe not enough butter. Maybe too much salt. Who knows. If the cake turns out great, can you make it again tomorrow? Some chefs and bakers can. Most cannot. And I bet the ones who can have thousands of hours of experience cooking or baking.

If your company gives you a sales script, it is because they feel it will get you the desired results.

The last reason I want to share about why you need a script is as an insurance policy. What do I mean by that? Humans forget things. Salespeople are human…and might forget parts of the process, or disclosures to cover, or important information the prospect should know, or data you need to gather. A script keeps you honest…ensures you cover everything you need to cover and gather everything you need to gather. It also will give you peace of mind regarding your prospect, who is also human. They will forget things you said.

This is especially true if you have a longer sales cycle, either in one interaction or in multiple calls or visits. If you are in your sales role long enough you will have client’s who bought from you that will call you back up afterward – maybe the very next day, or maybe a month later…or they might call your company’s customer service team…with questions or concerns.

I have seen many clients call back and accuse the salesperson of not disclosing or explaining a particular part of the transaction, product, or service. If you have a script or at least a process you do the same way every time, then you will have the confidence that you did in fact tell them the information they felt you missed. And, if you have been in your role long enough, you will even get to the point where you know about how long, time-wise, into the conversation it occurred or after which part you shared it with them.

A sales script is your best tool. Again, it can be word for word, or memorize and in your head. The key is it needs to be used, the same way every time, in order to get consistent results.

If you are a sales manager and do not have a sales script in place for your team, or you have one but aren’t sure if its really getting the best possible results, let’s set up a time to talk and go through what you have. You can send me a message – either through the website or on LinkedIn. The links will be in the show notes. I love talking sales and scripts and sales systems are always fun to talk about.

That’s it for this episode. Until next time, always remember that everything in life is sales and people will remember the experience you gave them.

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