[E13a] Bonus Episode – Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson

[E13a] Bonus Episode – Eric Nelson

In this special bonus guest episode during Fundamentals Week, Eric and I talk about the Rapport and Empathy stages and how important they are to any sale. Whether you are…

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[E13] Fundamentals Week: Empathy Wins

Moving from Rapport to Empathy during Fundamentals Week. A lot of salespeople do not understand why empathy should even matter or how it makes a difference in successfully creating a…

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[E12] Fundamentals Week: Messing Up Rapport

Part 2 of Fundamentals Week, and we extend the conversation about Rapport to when it goes wrong and salespeople mess it up. You not might think it is possible to…

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[E11] Fundamentals Week: Building Rapport

Welcome to Fundamentals Week. While there are a million different ways to sell, there are some basic, fundamental go-to parts of every successful sales process. These must be done every…

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[E10] Mindset Week: It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

I am sure you have heard that expression, “It’s not personal, it’s business!” When it comes to sales I have a strong argument in favor of that statement, as well as one against it. Listen to the last episode of Mindset Week to hear how I can defend...

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[E9a] Mindset Week: Bonus Episode – Richard Smith
Richard Smith

[E9a] Mindset Week: Bonus Episode – Richard Smith

On this very special episode I have Richard Smith from Refract.ai on with me and we discuss a follow up to the Watching Film Episode (#9). We discuss why sales people don’t like receiving or asking for feedback, if sales professionals ...

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[E9] Mindset Week: Watching Film

Professional athletes, actors, and performers all do it. But most people salespeople don’t. And so many sales managers miss the opportunity to utilize it for the team’s success...

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[E8] Mindset Week: Truth Hurts

Why does the truth hurt, especially when its feedback about our sales effectiveness? We have been talking about mindset all week and how your mind will try and protect you. That is what you are feeling when someone gives you constructive feedback – a perceived attack on your survival...

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[E7] Mindset Week: Open And Willing

Most sales people think they are open to new experiences and change. They say they are willing to learn new things to be successful. But my experiences do not corroborate with that. I have seen a lot of people enter...

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[E6] Mindset Week: Surviving Saber Tooth Tigers

Ever find yourself being chased by a sabretooth tiger while trying to make a sale? Of course not, but it sure might feel like it at times. This is an amazing time in the history of mankind to be alive. We have so little to truly be afraid of, and so much to be thankful for ...

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