[E8] Mindset Week: Truth Hurts

Why does the truth hurt, especially when its feedback about our sales effectiveness? We have been talking about mindset all week and how your mind will try and protect you. That is what you are feeling when someone gives you constructive feedback – a perceived attack on your survival...

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[E5] Week 1: My Favorite Quote

There is a Zig Ziglar quote that provides one of the professional and personal guideposts for my life. If you are in sales, or thinking about a sales career, and your goal is to be successful long term, then you must be of service to others through not just what you sell, but how you sell. When you help enough other people get what they want by providing solutions to their needs and problems, you will get rewarded.

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[E4] Week 1: Why Do You Sell?

What gets you out of bed each day and pushes you to be successful in sales? What will closing more sales mean to you and provide for you? You cannot have a long career in sales without having a reason or goal that is pushing you through the downs to get to the ups. I cover the reasons why a WHY is so important, as well as the basic guidelines that I suggest when focusing on your WHY. Get your Vision Board ready!

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[E3] Week 1: Laundry List

No one likes laundry, so don’t give your prospects a Laundry List. While it’s important to set the right expectations and put your prospect’s mind at ease about your sales process, fight the temptation to break it down to every detail. In this episode I cover why it can be a deal killer and how to know if you lost your deal because of your Laundry List.

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[E2] Week 1: Setting Expectations

The key to building trust with your prospects is setting the right expectations. It must be an extension of the marketing that led the prospect to you, whether its an ad, a letter, or your website. It’s important that as a sales person you know what story marketing is tell people, so you can continue that conversation.

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