[Replay] Everyday Is Saturday, with Sam Crowley

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[Replay] Everyday Is Saturday, with Sam Crowley

Why do you want to be in sales? How many options do you give to prospects when selling?

Your goal as a salesperson should be finding solutions tailored to fit your prospect’s needs, instead of having a ‘sales’ title so you can sell and make a sale. Rather than using manipulation, persuading with empathy and trust fosters a connection that creates long term success.

Featured in this episode of Every Day is Saturday hosted by Sam Crowley, I discuss my windy path and the experiences that led me to becoming a coach and consultant in sales, using the method of authentic persuasion, and transforming from an order taker to a quota breaker. 

Learn about the strategies to being authentic in using your skills and who you are when you persuade in a sales role, along with the doctor analogy to find solutions for consumer needs. 

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