[Replay] Health Coach Academy, with Omar Cumberbatch

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[Replay] Health Coach Academy, with Omar Cumberbatch

Do you have ‘sales’ in your title? How do people view salespeople? 

Salespeople are often seen as tricky and manipulative, however, the strategy for sales success is being authentic and not shy away from being who you are in a sales conversation. Embrace yourself as the sales professional to help and provide value, but also ask yourself why you want to be successful in your role.  

Featured on Omar Cumberbatch’s podcast Health Coach Academy, I talk about how people view salespeople, the umbrella in my concept of authentic persuasion, and why having the word ‘sales’ in titles are often avoided. 

Learn more about how to envision yourself as a salesperson as it is your duty to help your clients identify and find solutions to their problems.

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