[Replay] LeadsCon Industry, Warren Picket

[Replay] LeadsCon Industry, Warren Picket

[Replay] LeadsCon Industry, Warren Picket
The Sales Experience Podcast

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Do cheap leads mean higher conversion rates? Is it always about the lowest cost?

To close at a good rate, it’s just a numbers game. A low cost in leads may result in higher cost in the long run, which is important to consider as a buyer or lead provider. 

Featured on the LeadsCon Industry podcast hosted by Warren Pickett, I talk about setting the right expectations from a buyers’ perspective, building relationships with sales reps so they can move forward with the same message in a sales conversation, and encountering mistakes that companies often make with unclosed leads. 

Learn more about why not to set too high expectations and what it takes for campaigns to be successful as a lead provider.

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