[Replay] People Catalysts, with Karla Nelson

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[Replay] People Catalysts, with Karla Nelson

Why do buyers avoid changes? Why does it take them days or weeks to decide on a new product or service? 

Fear exists as a result of changes. During the approach process, a salesperson should build rapport and find products or services that fit their buyer’s needs. The goal is to help buyers overcome the fear of making mistakes when trying new products and services. 

Featured on the People Catalyst episode 140 hosted by Karla Nelson, we discuss the way our brain takes part in the avoidance of pain, the importance of creating a safe space for buyers, and how fear of change affects the sales process. 

Learn more about how the brain fights for survival in affecting the prospects’ decision-making process, and how asking enough questions can build a credible relationship.

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