[E65] Sales Mindset Week: The Sales Success Mindset

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[E65] Sales Mindset Week: The Sales Success Mindset

Do you have a sales success mindset?

Most people, in my experience, are fully aware of their mindset – especially when its negative or mediocre.

If you have been listening to this follow up Mindset Week, then hopefully you have spent some time thinking about it.

Again, disclaimer – there is not a mindset that is good or bad, right or wrong. It’s just a function of what serves you in achieving your goals and being HAPPY in your life.

In my experience, most long-term successful sales professionals have a positive mindset (again, I have seen a negative mindset drive people to want to ‘prove’ something, or they have a fear that pushes them to take action). If you are not achieving your sales goals – then it might be time to shift your mindset to achieve success in your life.

Episode 65 – Transcript

Welcome to episode 65 of the sales experience podcast, finishing mind set. Week number two. My name again is Jason Cutter.

So glad that you’re here. This episode is going to be a bit of a recap and setting you in the direction of focusing all of this on sales. So if you didn’t hear episode 61 through 64, part of me wants you to go back and listen. Of course, I want you to go back and listen.

Such good stuff. I was on literally fire every one of those episodes. And so I think they’re great, but that’s just me talking. However, you know there’s lots of value in their homework assignments and if you miss those or didn’t have time for those, I’m going to recap. I’m going to bring it all together and then we’re going to focus on sales and how you can find success with your mind set on a regular basis.

Really staying positive. So when we talked about mind set, when I covered everything this week, I was talking about the negative side and the expectation gaps that lead to disappointment.

So one part of a successful sales mind set and positivity is watching out for those negative triggers, so you’ve got to identify what triggers you to be negative, what triggers you to be stuck. One of the things that I didn’t mention that’s also important is watching out for areas where you get to in your head too analytical and trigger things like analysis paralysis.

Analysis paralysis is where you’re literally researching, thinking about something or trying to find the best solution in an endless loop that doesn’t actually lead to any action taking place. For example, in sales, I know I’ve got to call this person, I know I’ve got to call them and try to sell them something or do a demo with them, or maybe it’s a cold call business to business, business to consumer.

Maybe it’s an appointment. I’ve got to go knock on doors, whatever it might be, and then you find yourself researching that person you’re calling, researching your script, reading the script, maybe rewriting the script, handwriting it out, trying to put it in a better way. Handwriting your voicemail message, trying to plan all of this out.

What if they say this, what am I going to do with this? And then you realize, you know, 10 minutes later you’re like, okay, well before I call them, let me take a break. Let me go to the bathroom, let me get something to drink. Then you come back, you’re like, okay, let me go through this.

Oh wait, I’ve got to do something. And you just end up in this constant loop that will big build the negativity. Like I said in the episode on positive mind set, you want to take action.

The biggest thing, if you want to be positive, if you want to be focused on success in sales with the right mind set, it’s all about taking action. Now, you don’t want to just take action fractions. Say you don’t want to just be calling, you know, 500 people a day and calling them without leaving voicemails or just calling them, you know, in a shotgun approach without any prep.

If you do that, that’s not gone work well either. So you’ve got to be strategic and smart about it. But when in doubt, take lots of action. Go all in. Watch out for the analysis paralysis and getting stuck. That’s your ego.

Again, trying to keep you safe and everyone does it in a different way. Some people avoid making the phone calls they don’t want to make by walking around and talking to co-workers or you know, going to take early lunch.

So watch out for that and focus on the steps to be successful. There is a formula for everything that we do in our lives that will lead to success. And again, not somebody else’s formula necessarily. It’s our formula.

So whether it’s health, it’s what works best for you, for you to be healthy, relationships, what works best for you in sales. It’s going to be a combination of what the company has found works well, as well as who you are, your personality and what you bring to the table and how that works well, how you can leverage that into a successful sales career. And so keep that in mind.

It’s about action steps. It’s about the formula and it’s about doing that. Taking steps all the time, putting in action when possible, take massive action. Take massive. If the goal is to make a hundred calls a day, how can you make 200 calls a day?

Or if your goal is to be on the phone for two hours a day or have two hours of meetings, how do you have four hours of phone calls or four hours of meetings, right? So how do you just take so much action? Because that will build momentum, that will build this positive feeling in yourself where even if you know that you didn’t win, you don’t, didn’t close any sales today, but you literally gave it everything you could and you can’t imagine anything else.

One of the biggest things that will foster a negative mind set, and I see people, I see sales reps struggle with this all the time, is they leave at the end of the day, they leave with zero sales and inside, even without being asked inside, that person knows that they did not give it their all. It’s one thing to go into a game or an event or some kind of situation and you literally give it your all and you still lose.

But you know that you gave it your all and you learn some things from it and you’re better for it, and then you’re going to come back swinging the next time, right? That happens. That’s life. It’s another one to go into something, not give it your all. Just look for excuses or reasons why it’s not your fault and then lose. And then this is just going to put you into a negative spin.

You’re going to go into this dis depressive depression spiral type of outlook, and it’s going to just trigger that negative mind set. You might’ve already realized that when you did the homework after episode 61 where maybe that’s one of your triggers.

When you don’t give it you’re all and you’re not successful, that triggers you to be more negative. So watch out for that. Give it everything you can. And if you don’t win today, you’ll win long term.

Remember, professional sales career is not about winning every single day, every single game, every single moment and hour. It’s about winning season. It’s about winning your career.

It’s about winning the quarter, the month over long enough time you will win. And you want to win more than you’re losing and that success, as long as you’re happy and you’re doing what you should be with your talents and your skills, abilities and experience, you’re giving it your all and you know that you’re doing the best that you can to help other people with the skills that you’re bringing to the table and your strengths, then you’re winning.

So just keep that in mind. You know, I see a lot of reps and they asked me like, how do I stay positive? Those kinds of things really help. What I just covered combined with what I’ve talked about so many times on this podcast in the past, which is having a why, having a reason why you show up for work, why you do what you do, what drives you?

Family, money, goals, accolades, certificates, high fives, rewards, trophies, you know, whatever it is that drives you, whatever your why is, why you show up every day and you want to go at it, that will lead to a successful mind set.

When I see somebody who’s negative or unhappy in their sales career, either it’s a mismatch of where they want to be with where they are. So there’s this expectation gap. Like they thought they were going to be happy, but they’re actually not. And maybe they’re a square peg in a round hole or the other side is there’s no real goal or thing motivating them through the tough times because you know what rejection is going to happen.

It’s that, that’s true in life in general. You know, we talk, I talk about health off and on, and you know, you go to the gym, your workout or you’re trying to eat right.

You weigh yourself or you look in the mirror, you’re like, wait a second, I don’t look good today or I’m not losing weight or I gained weight. Like you’re going to have those times. The question is, can you bounce back in sales that’s goanna happen a bunch. You know, you’re going to get rejected. People are not going to buy.

Somebody might buy and then call back and cancel or come into the store and return what they bought or they bought a car and then they’re returning it and now what? Right? So now you’re hit with this, you know, charge back to your commission and now you’re starting off the date backwards, right? So how do you recover from that? How do you focus on the positive?

What in your mind set is the positive triggers and build on everything that we talked about. And then lastly, so important, wrapping up all this success mind set, kind of focus in, in this framework of what we’re talking about this week is to watch out for those people in your sales life.

Let’s narrow it down to just that then your sales life that are trying to bring you down or keep you at their level of not winning. Now, if you’re in the club of people who are winning, hitting goals, hitting quota, easily making bonus most of the time, right? And they’re celebrating you and their victories, and it’s all about winning. And it’s all about success. And on challenging days, it’s about reflection and honest feedback.

To win the next time, then you’re blessed. That’s great. That club is usually hard to get in and doesn’t exist in a lot of sales floors. On a purely positive level, what’s more common is the group of people that sit around complaining about the script, the leads, the managers, the trainers, the weather, taxes, and the government, whatever it might be.

She won watch out for that. If your goal is to have a successful sales career, to have a positive mind set, you want to make sure you surround yourself with people, have a positive mind set who are focused on winning, even if they’re not winning yet.

Sometimes it’s great to hang around somebody else who’s at your same level, maybe not winning, but you and them are in it together. You’re both focused on the right things, blocking out the wrong things in order to get your goals and to get where you want to be.

So hopefully all of that helps. Hopefully this has kind of helped with your sales success mind set in terms of your daily walk in a professional sales career and hopefully some things that when you expand out and you start getting better at this, you can apply this to other areas of your life or see the various areas that various buckets and verticals of your life that, where you, you know, some of them are positive, some of them are more of a negative mind set.

You have different beliefs in different areas and how can you adjust those so that they’re all supportive of the life that you want to be living.

That’s really what it comes down to. That’s it for this episode, for this mind set Week 2.0 that I covered. Hopefully enjoy the episodes to make sure to subscribe, rate review, and if nothing else, please share this with other salespeople, sales leaders, trainers, owners of companies where they have sales reps.

Please get this message out this whole week. Feel free to share all of this with them and say, hey, listen to this. It will help with mind set or if it’s maybe a leader of a sales team say, hey, maybe this could help your sales reps. I would love that if you shared it.

If you’re not sure who to share with or you have somebody in mind and you think, hey, they could use your help on a coaching level or a consulting level with their sales team, please either reach out to me or give me their information so that I can, connect with them.

Or you can give them my information. Give them the cutter consulting group.com website, give them the link for a LinkedIn. If you’ve got that, you can message me. I can send you all of that.

I would love those introductions because I’m really doing what I can to help change the landscape of sales leaders, sales teams, and shifting the experience that everyone’s having to the proper sales experience. That just makes it an award winning level of service from the salesperson’s perspective as well as for what the customer’s experiencing. And that’s it. Thanks again for listening.

Always, remember that everything in life is sales and people remember the experience you gave them.

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