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Success Inspired Podcast with Jason Cutter How to sell with authentic persuasion

Talk less, listen more.

 A sales conversation should be focused on quality where you must aim to sell, not just chat. As a salesperson, your goal is to guide the sales conversation to a close. Look at it as a long term strategy to form an ongoing relationship with clients rather than just to make a sale. 
Featured on the Success Inspired Podcast with host Vit Muller, Jason Cutter talks about his past experience with tagging sharks to becoming a sales coach, having sales confidence and skills, and building the customer service experience.
Hear more about how your sales performance can be improved by being active, having a healthy lifestyle, and intermittent fasting. The success of your business is not just based on each sales professional, but how you build your sales team.


(00:01:01) –  Jason’s cool job tagging sharks as a marine biologist
(00:05:33)  –  Working at many what ever jobs when you’re young is great thing to do
(00:11:40)  –  We’re talking about sales confidence, skills, authentic persuasion and what your duty is as a sales person
(00:19:39)  –  How to overcome the ‘how much do you charge’ objection
(00:26:04)  –  Customer experience and how selling is an ongoing thing (not just to make $
(00:32:05)  –  What’s below the tip of the sales iceberg? If you want to have a scalable sales machine, there’s many parts you’ve got to do, right.
(00:34:39)  –  How do you go about building your sales team
(00:00:00)  –  Talk less, listen more, quality conversation always wins and has higher conversion rate (but you must aim to sell, not just chat)
(00:40:24)  –  Way to navigate, control and bring a sales conversation to a close
(00:44:54)  –  Wanna know more about sales? Check out ‘Sales Experience Podcast’
(00:45:37)  –  One thing Jason wished he’d know earlier when he started his business
(00:47:08)  –  We talk about active, healthy lifestyle, intermittent fasting, importance of not going too rigid with diets and how to improve your sales performance
(00:52:39) –  How to get in touch with Jason

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