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Anyone who is successful at something has a formula.

Whether it is sports, playing a musical instrument, creating art, business.

There is always a formula that is repeatable to yield those extraordinary results.

The formula isn’t the same for every person, but it is typically similar in many ways.

Usually some part hard work, some part focus, some part relentlessness, some part passion, some part purpose.

I was speaking with a client the other day and he told me that he was a really good drummer but realized after a decade that he wouldn’t make it further in his musical career because he didn’t want to give it the effort it would take. Others that he knew at the time, who have since gone on to full time musical careers touring the world were more focused, dedicated, and willing to put in massive effort.

Sales is no different – there is a formula for success.

Again, how one person can be successful in sales could be different than others. But I believe that at the foundational core there are five steps in every sales interaction that must be completed.

Usually it’s good to come up with some catchy phrase to help remember the items, but over the last 10 years I have just referred to it as RETH.U.

R – Rapport. Check out the Building Rapport Podcast episode

E – Empathy. Check out the Empathy Wins Podcast episode

T – Trust. Check out the Trust Factor Podcast episode

H – Hope. Check out the Hope Is A Good Thing Podcast Episode

U – Urgency. Check out the Urgency Podcast Episode

Most everyone knows what those items are (and if you want more info, check out those episodes or read through the transcripts.) but the real key is the order and completion of each one.

The part I have found the most success with this Sales Success Formula is that it can be applied to any sales process. This doesn’t replace what you are already doing, it enhances it.

[I also have podcast episodes/transcripts of episodes where those 5 steps get messed up.]

If you have created a sales process, ensure that your reps are integrating RETH.U into their sales conversation. 

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