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Directing Revenue Maya Connet TSEP The Sales Experience Podcast

In this episode, Maya Connet, the Revenue operations storyteller at Clari, she shares her experience on what leads to success as Director of Revenue. We discussed how to shift the mindset of salespeople who are order takers and why having Revenue Operations allows success in businesses. 

Listen to Part 1

  • B2b sales is about relationships 
  • Treating your prospects like human and supporting their goals
  • How to win in sales – with long sales cycle
  • Women in sales leadership roles

Listen to Part 2

  • Shift salespeople who acts as order takers 
  • Relational selling with intentions to create long relationships 
  • Why having Revenue Operations is a game changer for companies

Listen to Part 3

  • Transparency is key to building bridges between sales and marketing
  • Automate as much of the data tracking as possible.
  • Coming into a leadership role and what they are focused on

Listen to Part 4 

  • Getting more diversity in your sales team
  • Maya’s experience working in predominately male occupied sales team
  • Tips for companies and individuals who find themselves lacking of diversity around them
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