TSEP Tales of A New CRO with Darryl Praill

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Tales of a new CRO Darryl Praill TSEP The Sales Experience Podcast

Having the right salespeople will drive sales in your business. In this episode with Darryl Praill, the Chief Revenue Officer at Vanilla Soft, we discussed the importance of company structure, the factors in driving leads in a sales team, and having teamwork mentality in a work environment. 

Listen to Part 1 

  • Taking account of all leads to ensure that you are driving maximum revenue
  • Having the right salespeople on your sales team
  • The encounters within a sales team and the ways to hold them responsible for reaching their leads
  • Importance of company structure and how that affects the leads driven

Listen to Part 2

  • Contribute value to their company when speaking to prospects
  • Salesperson should know the products or services they are selling 
  • Key skill is understanding and knowing the resources available for salespeople to utilize in the sales process
  • Training a sales team on where the scale hits

Listen to part 3

  • Structure is necessary within an organization to guide salespeople on targeting their leads
  • Top salesperson does not mean they fit into the team culture 
  • Importance of having teamwork mentality, supporting one another 
  • Behaviors and actions in a sales team indicates back to the management team

Listen to part 4

  • Technology plays an important role in today’s businesses
  • Analyze and track data is an additional strategy to further the process on current and future trends on sales performance 
  • Set of values to make the right decisions, achieve company goals, and define your brand character
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