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The Sales Experience Podcast Testimonials

Jason’s podcast provides so much value as he gets great guests that share some of their most unique skills and strategies. He does an excellent job of making the guests feel comfortable, asks good questions and extracts salient points.

Adam Connors – Adam Connors is the founder and CEO of NetWorkWise an on-line learning platform that teaches people how to professionally network.

Adam Connors
Rylee Meek Sales expert

Jason does a great job hosting… He leads the show in a fantastic way that provides actual sales insight, and takeaways for the listeners.

Rylee Meek – for the last decade we have been turning dinner seminar sales and marketing into a science.

Jason has a relaxed, conversational style that anyone would enjoy. Because we all sell everyday – products, services, ideas – you will learn a lot from Jason and his guests.

Brian Ahearn – 1 of 20 people in the world certified to teach influence on behalf of Robert Cialdini, PhD. LinkedIn Learning author and author of the Amazon best-selling book Influence PEOPLE.
Brian Ahearn
Jamie Sarche

Jason is a very engaged interviewer. He truly listens and responds to his guests.

Jaime Sarche – My calling is helping people be less afraid of death. By helping them to provide their loved ones with a planned and funded funeral or memorial service, they create a path for bereavement, long before it’s need.

The Sales Experience Podcast is a must-listen, especially now, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis! Why? Because here you can learn so much about selling as part of creating and building human connection! Selling as serving, which is what we need to see more of in the world today. For me, participating in this podcast meant having a discussion about how much personal and business are connected, how we can only have a truly successful once we make it meaningful to ourselves and others as a person, too. Jason is a wonderful host, and talking to him is always fun and inspiring!

Roxana Radulescu – Roxana is the Founder of All Personal, a bespoke training and consulting company.
All Personal is the first Canadian consulting, training & coaching company who is a Partner Organization to the Game-Changing Index®!
Roxana works with corporate, small businesses and non-government organizations, and helps them build game-changing teams and cultures!

Roxana Radulescu
Danny Creed

What a great show to listen to and to be a guest on. Jason is the perfect host mixing some fun with some immediately useful information. He does a great job of curating his guests who can offer the same high quality insights to success.

Danny Creed – I am an executive master business coach with over 15,000 hours of logged coaching time. I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and teams, as well as executives. My clients experience an exceptional level of personal and professional success.

Jason is down to earth, enthusiastic and practical. If you want a sales podcast done by a professional you can relate to, I highly recommend listening to Jason and his guests.

John Waid – John Waid is a sales keynote speaker, author, training and coaching expert who has developed a methodology to go from knowing to going to being for salespeople and sales managers. The largest ROI from training is creating a sales culture (way of being) versus an expensive sales process that gets taught and then the people go back to their old habits almost right away.

John Waid
Sean Sheppard

If you want to learn how to grow, TSEP is the pace to go.

Sean Sheppard – Serial Entreprenuer | VC | Sales Leader | Founder @ GrowthX & GrowthX Academy