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Dreamers Succeed Podcast Jason Cutter Authentic Persuasion Salespeople

Featured in Berta Medina‘s Dreamers Succeed Podcast, Jason Cutter discusses how he helps sales leaders and teams go from Hello to Close using his method of authentic persuasion in sales. He talks about his view on creating a game-changing mindset for salespeople to act like a professional when serving prospects. 

Some topics he discussed…

  • Negative cognition being in sales: seen as being manipulative.
  • The title ‘Account Executive’ hiding the fact that you are a salesperson.
  • “Sales is not something you do to somebody, it’s what you for and with somebody”  to help them get to a better place.
  • Companies should have the right corporate culture,  hiring, and expectations for feedback.
  • Managers with a growth mindset who are open to changes such as coaching and improvement are necessary.

Listen to the full episode here…

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