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Yesterday I officially launched The Sales Experience Podcast, publishing the first three episodes.

It is something I have been thinking about, overthinking, over-analyzing, and delaying doing.  But now is the time.

You may have questions, like:

  • Does the world need another sales podcast?
  • How often will they be published?
  • What is the point of this podcast?
  • What will I learn?
  • Who is it for?

To answer all these, please listen to Episode #1 where I do an introduction to the show, and set the expectations of what it will involve. 

From there, listen to the remaining episodes. They are available here on the CCG site.

As well as on all of these platforms – so no matter where you access your podcasts, TSEP will be there:






I appreciate your support. Please subscribe, listen, rate, leave a comment, share, and enjoy!

More than anything, I hope you find value from this podcast.

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