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Diversity in Sales Rahki Voria TSEP Sales Experience Podcast

In this episode, Rakhi Voria, the current Director of IBM Global Digital Sales Development talks about how she went from selling lemonade as a kid to a global sales leader and champion for diversity. 

Throughout the series, we discuss about diversity in the world of sales to building out global digital sales teams and processes.

Listen to Part 1 

  • Statistics out there that says that women are better at sales than men.
  • The traditional notions of what makes a person successful has really changed
  • Being really clear about what we’re selling, who we’re selling to, what their needs are, where they are in the industry
[E216] Diversity in Sales with Rakhi Voria – Part 1 of 4

Listen to Part 2

  • The impact of digital sales (anything other than face to face)
  • How digital sales fits in with each sales process
  • LifeTime Value of customers
  • Meeting your customers where they want to be as a way to trust you
[E217] Diversity in Sales with Rakhi Voria – Part 2 of 4

Listen to Part 3

  • Remove barriers from your prospects to buy
  • Make changes to your sales process
  • Split up your sales team into roles to create efficiency
[E218] Diversity in Sales with Rakhi Voria – Part 3 of 4

Listen to Part 4 

  • Diversity is more than just race or gender
  • Business danger of only hiring one type of person for your teams
  • Bringing up confidence, grit, perseverance, and empathy to win in sales
  • Rakhi shares the value of getting back in the trenches as a sales leader
[E219] Diversity in Sales with Rakhi Voria – Part 4 of 4
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