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Higher Level Thinking Bob Sager TSEP The Sales Experience Podcast

Consider trying different methods or approaches during your sales process when speaking to prospects. With experience in leadership and training, Bob Sager, the founder of SpearPoint Solutions joined me on this episode for a conversation about creativity, profitability, and effectiveness in business and sales.

Listen to Part 1 

  • “The reality is we’re all born as creative thinkers.”
  •  Doing things and selling exactly like all the other salespeople, then you’re going to be perceived like them 
  • Thinking outside the comfort zone to uncover and brainstorm new ideas 
[E208] Higher Level Thinking with Bob Sager – Part 1 of 4

Listen to Part 2

  • Making the the customer go ‘Right…That’s unexpected!’”
  • See the end goal as not making a sale, but to help your prospects’ needs 
  • Showing your best interest during the approach process to create trust 
[E209] Higher Level Thinking with Bob Sager – Part 2 of 4

Listen to Part 3 

  • If it’s a good fit and you’re serving people well, there’s no need to trick them into closing a sale 
  • One of the things that kills salespeople is their reluctance to hearing “no”
  • Coming up with better questions to ask when you care about the result for your customers
[E210] Higher Level Thinking with Bob Sager – Part 3 of 4

Listen to Part 4

  • Asking lots of questions instead
  •  You’ve got to be a problem solver in today’s world to be successful
  • The scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset
[E211] Higher Level Thinking with Bob Sager – Part 4 of 4
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