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Jarrett Thomas Relational Brand Building Jarrett Thomas Sales Experience Podcast

During a pandemic, there are questions to consider when approaching to our prospects. In this episode with Jarrett Thomas, a Senior Account Executive at iPullRank, we discussed about relational branding from building a connection with clients and using strategies to turn conversations into sales. 

Listen to Part 1

  • Metric-doing steps in relationship-building with clients
  • Questions to ask ourselves when selling during a pandemic
  • Identifying the economic buyer, decision criteria, identifying pain, and the power of champions
[E251] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 1)

Listen to Part 2

  • Continuously calling for sales versus learning from the sales experience 
  • Making shifts based on feedback performance
  • Changing your strategy from outbound grinding to inbound relationship building
[E252] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 2)

Listen to part 3

  • Being memorable during a outbound sales call
  • Remember your goal is to make an impression on the person you are reaching out to.
  • Breakthrough a cold call and turn it into longer conversations that lead into relationships and sales
[E253] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 3)

Listen to part 4

  • Your intention behind the calls you are making
  • It’s about being smart, working hard, and building relationships
  • Reach out and connect human to human, instead of making 100’s of calls a day
[E254] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 4)
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