TSEP Sales Fundamentals with Joe Rizzo

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Joe Rizzo Sales Fundamentals TSEP

To understand your prospects, asking questions is an important key component in the sales process. In this episode with Joe Rizzo, the founder at Tash Rizzo, we discussed how sales should be done professionally and how he focuses on doing sales by knowing the right questions to ask. 

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  • Not wanting to deal more than the other person
  • Are you making the most out of your leads/opportunities?
  • Balancing activity level with goals
[E168] Sales Fundamentals with Joe Rizzo – Part 1 of 4

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  • Understanding your prospect’s situation and doing something about it
  • Knowing the right questions to ask
  • What Joe would have done differently, now looking back on his first sales job
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  • Extend yourself to reach out and help people in life
  • Don’t just make one call and move on!
  • Feeling good about what you do/sell
[E170] Sales Fundamentals with Joe Rizzo – Part 3 of 4

Listen to Part 4

  • Seed concept: how many seeds you have to plant with prospects for fruit to grow?
  • Don’t be afraid of losing a prospect that wasn’t a good fit because there will be more leads
  • Key: empathy wins with care 
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