TSEP Sales Grit with Catie Ivey

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Catie Ivey Sales Grit TSEP The Sales Experience Podcast CCG

In this episode with Catie Ivey, the RVP of Sales at Demandbase, we discussed about being surrounded by high performers, having traits to be successful, and being passionate about your role in sales. Additionally, transparency plays a key role in selling when it comes to approaching your prospects.

Listen to Part  1

  • Surrounding your new people with high performers
  • Trait #1 of successful representatives
  • Trait #2 for success = Grit
  • Showing new representatives how it’s done!

Listen to Part 2 

  • Say YES and testing everything you can
  • Knowing what you want to sell (and what you are good at)
  • Truly passionate people don’t worry about “working after hours” 
  • Recruiting great sales people

Listen to Part 3 

  • Win-Win selling
  • How women are different when it comes to sales/selling
  • The debate of focusing on strengths vs. working on weaknesses
  • Transparency in the selling
  • Getting and giving feedback

Listen to Part 4 

  • Your prospects don’t know your process, so stop assuming they do
  • Don’t get desensitized to your prospect’s issues, goals, and feelings
  • Bringing it all back to curiosity and grit
  • Sales rep’s talking too much