TSEP Sales Recruiting with Ken Lazar

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Sales Recruiting Ken Lazar TSEP Sales Experience Podcast

Having helped hire over 12,000 people, Ken Lazar from Ability Professional Network knows a thing or two about both sides of the hiring process – both from the recruiting/company end and from the new employee looking to come on board.

In this episode, he shares his tips and advice for the priorities of a new salesperson when they get hired and other factors that goes into being a successful salesperson. 

Listen to Part 1

  • The starting point of recruiting, sales and marketing is knowing who your ideal prospect/candidate is
  • Salespeople – finding the right fit for your company culture 
  • Finding top salespeople in this job market
  • Difficulty in the supply and demand issue to hiring candidates 

Listen to Part 2

  • Why “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” might not be right for your organization
  • Are you making your hiring process too painful?
  • Making the interview process similar to the role/sales process 

Listen to Part 3

  • Advice for salespeople looking to get hired
  • Leveraging social media to get recruited
  • Asking the client “what are you going to do in the first 90 day?” 

Listen to Part 4 

  • Top 3 priorities once you get hired for that new sales role
  • Every successful salesperson must act like an “Owner”
  • Using an outside recruiter agency cost less than recruiting on your own 
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