The inside sales team has been set up.

The phone system is in place.

Outbound calls are being made.

Marketing funds are being spent to drive leads for the sales team.

Inbound calls are being answered.

Your CRM helps the reps keep track of their leads.

Reports let the managers know how well the team is doing.

Deals are being closed.

Yet things aren’t working as expected or even hoped.

increase sales

The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is higher than the goal, which means each deal is less profitable.

Your reps aren’t making as much money as you think they could. The turnover seems high. Reps don’t follow up with their leads like you require.

There is constant complaining about the quality of the leads. It seems tough to balance the requirement that your reps be compliant with getting them to close more deals.

The team is not generating referrals, which you know are the best deals to work with. There is not enough cross-selling or up-selling taking place, leaving money on the table with each client. You find it tough to hire reps skilled at closing deals the way you want.

Your sales managers aren’t able to identify exactly why the team’s closing percentage is not higher.

You would like to grow and add more reps, maybe even in other offices/locations, but you know you still might not get the profitable deal volume you want.

If any (or all) of the above describes your inside sales call center team, please use the contact page to set up a complimentary discovery call.

At CCG, our goal is to help you turn around your sales team by utilizing systems in all areas (see iceberg), from scripting, training, and recruiting to technology and marketing optimization.

Want some examples?

A company with an inbound sales team was spending its marketing money on direct mail only. The CPA was considered high. 

The first step was to build a predictive analytics model based on years of historical data to optimize the amount of marketing sent each week. 

This provided a 25 percent reduction in the marketing spend, while maintaining the same deal volume. Next was the testing of multiple other lead sources optimized for various subgroups within the team. 

Technology was put in place to route the inbound leads to reps based on their daily performance. This combination resulted in a further reduction of the CPA by 18 percent. 

With a more profitable CPA, the company grew the sales team while managing a scalable and controllable inbound marketing campaign.

Training was being done at a company without any systems in place. The trainers knew what they wanted to cover because it was what had worked for them when they were reps closing deals. 

The problem was there was no training consistency or quality control. It was all reliant on the effectiveness, and mood, of the trainer. 

In multiple locations, new hires were being taught in different ways, and without consistent graduation requirements, the output was inconsistent. 

A training program was then put in place that consisted of a multiple-day training schedule with modules, recorded videos, presentations, live/facilitated sessions, quizzes, and a final exam. 

This training was run at all office locations to produce a consistent level of proficiency in graduating reps prior to getting on the phones.

A financial services call center with multiple branches was having trouble tracking compliance. 

The teams were producing more calls per day than could be reviewed by managers or even a compliance team. 

A technology solution was implemented using compliance software. CCG built a catalog of phases and words to be identified and utilized the transcription and artificial intelligence of the software to highlight areas of legal and sales performance compliance. 

With this information, the compliance team was able to review needed areas, and sales managers could put in coaching (or disciplines) in place with the reps. Overall compliance to the required scorecard was raised to 98 percent.

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