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I was provided the opportunity to write a guest blog post for IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information Management), and I thought the topic of Sales Slumps and the application of data and technology to predict them, and then mitigate it the best you can.

If you know anyone that is managing a sales team or in an HR role – please forward this article so they can get processes like this place.

Using HR Tech to Track and Predict Sales Rep Longevity

Sales slumps are one of the most challenging aspects of managing a sales team. They were doing well, exceeding quota, and producing great results for the company. Then POW! They hit an invisible wall of sales death with only two potential outcomes: pull themselves out of the slump and return to their previous effectiveness, or continue in a productivity death spiral (until they quit, or you have to let them go).

After leading sales teams for more than twelve years, I have determined three truths about sales slumps:

  1. They will happen to every rep during their career—and not just once, but multiple times.
  2. The first slump’s timing is statistically predictable.
  3. Slumps have common causes no matter how or what is being sold.
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