3 Ways To Avoid Sales Team Failure: How to Use Systems to Achieve Scalable Success

The biggest challenges facing leaders of inside sales call center teams around the reps themselves.

You know you need them to be on the phone, taking and making calls, and closing deals.

But when you have humans involved things don’t always go as management needs or wants it to.

This is why we have put together this recorded workshop webinar. To help sales leaders understand three of the biggest areas that keep sales teams from reaching their potential.

Our goal is to provide suggestions based on years of experience with what does and does not work.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Suggestions for who you really want to hire for your team
  • Where to utilize technology to lower your Cost Per Acquisition
  • How to build a consistent feedback machine

Why Jason

Jason Cutter, B2C Sales Performance Consultant

I have been involved with sales teams for 16 years. I have seen a lot of failure that has led me to creating systems around average reps to achieve profitable conversion of inbound marketing.

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