WFH Sales Management Success Checklist

Right now we are living in unprecedented, historic times. 

As the country shifts to WFH (Work From Home) modes, inside sales teams are being forced to operate in ways they have never done before.

This is presenting a big challenge for many small and medium business owners and sales managers.

It is one thing to be able to walk out onto the sales floor and interact, motivate, coach your reps, and/or hold them accountable.

It is another thing to have them spread out, at home, with the goal of still producing sales/revenue.

Over a year ago I came up with the Sales Success Iceberg. It is part symbolic mental image of all that goes into creating a successful sale. And it is part checklist of what systems/processes should be built for every sales team.

Sales Success Iceberg

Now, with the current state of the world and shift to short (and maybe long) term Work From Home (WFH) sales teams, I wanted to take my Sales Success Iceberg and turn it into a Sales Management WFH Checklist/Questions.

What is included in the Checklist: Every part of the Sales Success Iceberg broken down into questions to ask yourself (or your managers)

If you go through this entire list, you will have a great start for managing your new WFH “Inside” sales team.

Here is a snapshot of the checklist:

Lead Tracking for Sales Reps

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