When Losing Means Winning

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Podcast host Sarah Chamberland interviews Jason Cutter on his experience tagging sharks and entering sales.

About This Show “When Losing Means Winning” A podcast about people who have lost something, but have gained a whole lot more.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s after Jason completed his Bachelors in Marine Biology, there was not a large supply of jobs in his field. “Everyone wanted to work with sea lions and dolphins. Everyone wanted to work for Sea World. I couldn’t get an $8.00 an hour job.” The only job offered to him at the time paid $8.00 an hour, involved scrubbing boats, and was won by a Master’s student that had more specialized training than Jason.

So begins Jason’s journey on the When Losing Means Winning podcast.

His professional experience is especially important given the Covid-19 economic debacle that the world is currently experiencing. In the podcast Sarah and Jason explore themes related to career fulfillment, authentic living, and the eternal pursuit of happiness.

Hopefully this talk gives some clarity to listeners who are still trying to find their true passion, and end up changing their career a lot. Jason’s resume is filled with pivots, tough breaks, good luck, bad breaks, and lucky revelations. Sarah and Jason also talk about the value of college in a “YouTube certified expert” economy.  

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