Grease the wheels on your sales machine.

You dream of a sales team that runs like clockwork. We make it reality.

Man Talking on the phone with graph behing him

You're not growing because...

High sales rep turnover and excessive costs to acquire new customers are sabotaging profit and slowing growth. 

You're stressed out because...

Clumsy sales operations and underperforming sales reps and managers create pressure and fear in your business.

It doesn't have to be like this.

You’re not crazy, you just haven’t seen a sales organization run the right way before. We can fix that. 

Which Box(es) Do You Check?

Gap In The Org Chart

You’ve got a sales team, but you’re missing some vital sales leadership – VP of sales, Director of sales, etc…

Butts In Seats,
No Wins On The Board

You’ve got a sales team, but you know they’re just order takers. You don’t know why you’re not hitting your goals and you don’t know what to do about it.

Revenue Is Flatlining

You were trending up, but now revenue is stalling. You don’t know where the problem is and you don’t know how to find it.

What I do for you

Scripts And Beyond

Build systems and processes with scripts, job descriptions and more.

Boardroom To Bullpen

Take your sales vision and bring it to life on the front lines.

Team Mentoring

Offer 1-1 and group coaching to transform your reps and leaders.


Make sure your reps are held to their goals and metrics.

See The Future

Make data-driven decisions and avoid “gut-feel” mistakes.

Sell Your Product

Sell your product or service with an inside sales call center.

Book a GAP

Get your

your team

I've made it easy to get started

“I am insanely picky about who I allow to share and teach my team and I have to admit that Jason exceeded my expectations at every turn. Jason has mastered the art of understanding all the roadblocks that stand in a salesperson’s way of success.  End result is happy client after happy client and a sales team who feels confident and secure in guiding the client through the process effortlessly.”

Nicole Titschler | Director of Sales

Penny Mustard Furnishings

“Jason is a great resource for any sales organization trying too level up! You’ll get straight talk, a no-nonsense approach, and analysis you can implement instantly. If you are still asking yourself the same questions year after year, like we were – give him a call!”

Brian McAlister | CEO

Greystone Partners

Try before you buy

If you want to get to know me, how I think and the kind of work I can do, read my book!


The Authentic
Persuasion Show

I started the Authentic Persuasion Show because I was tired of the same-old podcast routine. Every show I listened to followed the same format, had the same guests, and talked about the same things!

On the Authentic Persuasion Show, I try to bring a little more humanity and, you guessed it, authenticity to the podcasting world. Guests range from industry experts to friends to random people I meet on LinkedIn. There’s one common thread, it’s about people, sales and authentic persuasion.

About Jason Cutter

Sales isn’t a dirty word

The collective buying public mostly sees SALES as a dirty word and salespeople as something to approach cautiously like a wild animal frothing at the mouth, possibly infected with rabies.

So…growing up…I never thought I would be in sales. In fact, I didn’t want to deal with the public in any real capacity.

Thus my degree in Marine Biology, and my time tagging sharks.

Life had its way with me, and eventually I ended up in sales – at age 27.

Having spent 17 years in sales and sales leadership, having never received any official sales-related training, I had to figure it out on my own…and figure out how to get others to have a chance at a successful sales career.

I have sold/led B2C, B2B, diverse verticals, several different countries, inbound/outbound lead gen. I have seen hundreds of salespeople come…and unfortunately go unsuccessfully from their sales career.

Thus, why I wrote Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker.

Thus, why I started my consulting & training company.

Thus, why I focus on helping people who want to embrace sales as an amazing career and create the framework to Persuade Like A Professional!

I hope to talk with you!


Jason Cutter, Founder
Cutter Consulting

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I post frequently with sales tips and ideas. I also feature my podcast episodes on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions or just want to reach out, you can email me at:
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I also do individual coaching and mentorship. Download the free Voxer app and let’s chat.