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One of the most common occurrences with salespeople is Call Reluctance.

We have all felt it, even if you aren’t in sales.

That feeling where you know you need or want to call someone, and your mind is telling you to not pick up the phone.


The reason I know we have all felt it is that at some point in our life we wanted to talk to that person we liked (maybe starting in middle school). But then our mind filled our head with thoughts of rejection and embarrassment.

Our brain’s primary focus is on survival. Not success.

It wants to avoid pain at all cost.

Making that call, and being told no, or getting yelled at or laughed at = pain.

That is where our brain does its best to scare us out of making the calls that would lead to achieving our success goals (that magical romantic relationship, that closed deal and giant commission check).

Thus the Call Reluctance!


I was speaking with a client and he told me a phrase I had never heard before…

Call Anticipation

And not a nervous, reluctant anticipation, but an excited, eager anticipation.

The kind of feeling you might have had waking up Christmas morning or your birthday as a kid (and hopefully still do 😉) – anticipation of surprises and awesomeness.

For him, when he is in the zone, he is LOOKING FORWARD to making calls. He is excited about someone answering that he could engage with and move towards being a new client. He CAN’T WAIT to dial more numbers.

Question: What do you need to do to shift from call reluctance to CALL ANTICIPATION?

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