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We would love to hear from you regarding your current project or team and how we can help. Here are some of the programs that we offer:

Sales Workshops

From in person to video conference, we offer sales related workshops that range from one hour to multiple days and everything in between. While there are set curriculums, you can choose from we can also put together a custom workshop to fit the needs of your team and what sales area(s) you would like to help them improve. Since to us ‘sales is sales’, our principals and workshops can be applied to any product or service where a salesperson is speaking with a prospective buyer.

Selling Like a Doctor

Doctors understand the fundamental principle of sales, which is that Prescription Before Diagnosis is Malpractice. Sales reps must develop the listening skills along with the ability to sit back and ask the right questions. Alternatively, doctors understand the value of their time; they know just how much time to spend with each patient.

Determining Sales Metrics

You as the Sales Manager must understand the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of each new deal. And how do you understand the CPA of closing a deal? You hire Jason to “McDonaldize your sales process” for you! Learn more as Jason interviews top sales executives here.

Performance Improvement

Whether it is helping refine your current sales script, writing a new script for your team, or developing out a training program, the goal is to help your sales team improve in measurable ways. The first step is to do an assessment of where the team is winning currently and where they could improve.

Development Projects

Want to start a brand-new sales channel using an inside sales call center to handle the leads generated by your marketing efforts?

What goes into a sales pipeline development project:

  1. Scripts
  2. Lead Sources 
  3. Phone, VOIP, and telephony systems
  4. Sales Training Program 
  5. Compensation Plans

Do not know where to start or how to even go about building out the various parts? We can help take your concept and goals and turn them into reality by helping build the team and set up the systems for your managers to run long term.

Customized Initiatives For Call Center Sales

Maybe you are using offshore outsourcing and you want to bring things ‘in-house’. Maybe you have a team that isn’t performing how you expect or need but you do not know why. Maybe you are having trouble hiring sales reps and want to look at other options (different office location, nearshoring, etc.). Maybe you just want someone to come in and motivate the team with some new perspectives. If it’s call center sales related we can help!

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